A Questionable Death Claims Case

Lauth Investigations International conducted the death investigation of a 17-year-old. According to police, the teen had been murdered by his brother, but that seemed unlikely because the deceased teen’s brother was confined to a wheelchair at the time of the teen’s death. Lauth investigators, who specialize in death investigations, were able to obtain evidence showing that the 17-year-old committed suicide. The cause of death was determined and based upon a vital witness statement taken from the nephew of the victim, whom the police had never interviewed.

A+ Rated Property & Casualty Insurance Company

An A+ rated property and casualty insurance company retained Lauth Investigations International to determine the assets of an individual suspected in the deaths of two of their claimants. An intensive investigation uncovered the individual had owned two businesses and had held substantial liquid assets. The individual had also owned several properties and had just inherited several more properties and received cash from a relative. In compliance with the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, Lauth private investigators obtained all information through public record sources.

Auto Accident Case

A few years ago, a local insurance company asked their special investigations unit to locate a primary witness on an accident case. Their attempts included accessing several databases with the social security number and date of birth. Upon hiring Lauth Investigations International, private investigators found that the subject had been using the nickname “Little Man” and his true name was an alias. Investigators then traveled to the accident scene and interviewed several individuals that commonly loiter at the corner. Using the description of the primary witness using the nickname Little Man when questioning the individuals at the accident location, they provided Lauth investigators with an approximate location of the primary witness. Traveling to the location and physically knocking on several doors, a neighbor pointed investigators to a home determined to be the mother of the witness who was only 17 years-old. With the mother’s cooperation, a telephone statement was obtained by the teen.

Local Law Firm

A local law firm retained Lauth Investigations skilled private investigators to assist in a child endangerment case. The clients were the grandparents of two children that were living with their mother and her boyfriend. The objective of the investigation was to impeach the credibility of the mother because of suspicions of drug use and high traffic at the mother’s residence. Short-term human surveillance video documented extremely high traffic frequency at the apartment. In addition, surveillance uncovered that the mother and boyfriend had been leaving the children with neighbors and strangers who were unknown to the grandparents. Lauth’s private investigators also conducted a background check of the live-in boyfriend and discovered numerous disturbance reports, altercations with neighbors, and police incident reports of domestic violence witnessed by the children.

Fortune 500 Company

Lauth Investigations International was retained by the Fortune 500 Company Pepsi-Co Inc. to uncover suspicions of a driver who for several months was allegedly stocking too much inventory in his truck. For nearly two weeks, Lauth Investigations conducted vehicular surveillance of the subject using two vehicles to determine what days and times the increased inventory was being dropped. As a result, investigators obtained over one hour of video surveillance of the suspected employee meeting with a few locals unloading and transferring nearly 2 tons of Pepsi from an immobile standby and daily truck to a large Ryder semi-trailer. Later, three employees were prosecuted for theft and receiving stolen goods, including some of the locals that assisted the employees in transportation of the stolen property.

A Google User

I had previously used two separate private investigators to find a relative. I think all they did was check public records – something I could have done myself. Tom Lauth, actually went out and interviewed neighbors and accessed records the other detectives never found and was able to locate our relative. Great work, Tom!

I’d highly recommend this firm.

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It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for the Indiana based Lauth Investigations International. As founder of the Nation’s Missing Children Organization, Inc., in 1994 and the National Center for Missing Adults in 2000, I served as CEO for nearly 17 years. During that time the agency utilized the services of Lauth Investigations as an adviser on missing person cases and also referred hundreds of families of missing persons who requested investigative services. The feedback from families of missing persons who retained services or received pro bono services from Lauth Investigations was always consistently positive. The staff at Lauth Investigations always treated our clients with utmost compassion, professionalism and respect. Lauth Investigations also worked cooperatively and professionally with law enforcement agencies throughout the country on behalf of our clients who also provided very positive feedback. In addition, as former CEO and media liaison for National Center for Missing Adults, Lauth Investigations owner, Thomas Lauth, and I frequently worked with national news media and helped generate extensive news coverage for the families of missing persons we represented throughout the nation. After working nearly two decades with Lauth Investigations, I highly recommend utilizing their services!

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I needed evidence for a court case and my first private investigator could not find much to help me out. I found this Indianapolis Private Investigator firm and talked to Thomas Lauth. In 24 hours he had already had a file built for me. I am impressed. Thanks Tom!

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I would highly recommend the services of Lauth Investigations – I was in need of the services of an investigator for a custody dispute. A coworker who had previously used Lauth Investigations International on a missing person case recommended that I call the Indianapolis Private Investigator and owner of Lauth Investigations International, Thomas Lauth. After speaking with Tom the first time – a sense of relief came over me, he immediately made me feel comfortable with my decision to hire an investigator and he answered all my questions and kept me informed throughout the entire investigative process. Tom is an educated and experienced PI with over 20 years of experience. He and his staff were very kind and took the time to listen to all of my needs and concerns. During a very difficult time I was treated with understanding, compassion, and respect.

He made very smart and reasonable suggestions about how to best proceed with my individual case. And was quick to proceed almost as an advocate for my child – Tom was able to learn and confirm my suspicions and get me all the information and proof that I needed to take to the Judge. I am pleased to report that based on the outcome of this investigation – I was able to win my court case and protect my child. Thank you, Tom. I appreciate all that you did for us!!